Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is the US headed towards another revolution?

With the continuing collapse of the middle class and anti-government rallies, one must question how many more American lives must go on in desperation before the screams of despair are united to protect us against the evils of the world.  Day after day the faceless masses endure visions of a world full of promise and prosperity, only to wake up and realize the American dream is achieved only when they’re asleep.  When the government continues to fail the people in countless ways, it delivers them to the brink of revolution.  The continuing collapse of our economy and the deterioration of the working class have Americans losing faith in their government. 

Seven revolutionary conditions have been compiled from the past 350 years.  Almost every revolutionary war has experienced these seven conditions.  There is no guarantee that these seven conditions will occur prior to a revolutionary war, however the chances are good and history has a tendency to repeat itself. 

Condition 1:  Soaring, Then Crashing

Revolutions generally don’t occur in societies where people don’t expect change.  These individuals are simply content in all ways.  Some third world countries are happy to bow out of the modern tech race to retain their way of life by utilizing their values that has brought them where they are today.  These values are family, love, trust, loyalty, and honesty.  These silent countries that choose to not back nor verse any country, simply live their lives hoping to be left in solitude.  Unfortunately, previous countries in the same situations have not been left alone and were forced to choose to stay with the invading country or to flee.  Currently thinking of an example, the movie 7 Years in Tibet comes to mind.  Tibet chose not to join China’s union and later was forced to become a member of their community.

In societies such as America, change is not only possible, it’s expected.  Societies where bigger and better things are available are where the seeds of revolutions are planted.  Economically advanced societies that have neglected to care for their people, while lining their own pockets with the money from the products that the town’s people have produced for them, will find their luxurious lives come to a screeching halt with a revolution attached at the end.

Condition 2:  They call it a class war

There are two classes, the upper class and everybody else.  Revolutions begin when the upper class decides to play everyone for themselves, and break the so called bond between them and everyone else.  When this occurs the stage is set for a blood bath. 

Condition 3:  Deserted intellectuals

The intellectual class is made up of people who are not in the upper class, however they do enjoy some common luxuries that the upper class allows them to have.  When the relationship between the intellectual class and the upper class becomes stressed or broken, that is when the intellectual class supports the middle and working class by leading them into a revolution.  By initiating and supporting the conflict between the two parties, the intellectual class remains a spectator and not a participant. 

Condition 4: Incompetent Government

There hasn’t been a modern revolution when the people didn’t blame the government for the problems with society.  When the government fails to see through the eyes of struggling families and miss fortunes of its citizens, another brick is placed on the foundation for a revolution.  Continuing disappointments complete the process and a revolution is inevitable.

Condition 5:  Gutless wonders in the ruling class

Governments that fail their people by refusing to lead them into the future have caused many modern revolutions.  When the world changes, Country leaders must see and acknowledge the changes and change with the times.  When country leaders fail to lead their people into a bold new age and ignore new opportunities, the people revolt. 

Condition 6:  Fiscal Irresponsibility

When governments mismanage the economy by leading the country into bankruptcy, a revolution is sure to follow.  There are numerous way to mismanage finances.  Rerouting funds between programs while taking financial assistance away from the people is sure to cause an uprising.  Outsourcing employment and tax cuts for the rich are just a few pre-revolutionary signs to be aware of. 

Condition 7:  Inept and Inconsistent use of force

There are literally dozens of ways to misuse force.  A few ways are, unmonitored police brutality, restriction on freedom of speech, unauthorized surveillance, catering of law enforcement to the rich when the poor are left without security, abuse of government forces to silent the masses, and the misuse of military forces.

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  1. I'm not sure these are very... specific for common revolutions or their causes. Nor do I think that America has a lot of them. We have a lot of philosophical schisms, but they are often between classes: the intellectuals cannot agree, the working class does not agree, the rich don't even agree... though the rich are probably the most hegemonic, they are also the smallest group.

    And I do not think that people in America (by and large) actually expect change. Certainly the people I talk with don't believe it is possible and that is one of the biggest reasons they do not act.